December 4, 2015

Should Jewish Rabbi’s endorse Obama’s plan to welcome Syrian refugees?

No, says Orthodox Jewish author and educator Marc Alan Urbach. Just yesterday 1,000 Jewish Rabbi’s wrote an open letter giving public support to President Obama’s Syrian refugee policy, citing the Old Testament command to “welcome the stranger,” as justification for their claim.

Urbach refutes this logic by stating, “the Jews of Europe were not the “enemy” and they were fleeing Germany because they had lost all their rights and were getting killed.” “In this case we do not know who the enemy is. Even if only one percent of these Syrian refugees are terrorists, murders or rapist, it is foolish to open our doors and incur such a risk.”
And Urbach completely corrects the Rabbi’s on their misunderstanding of the “biblical mandate” by stating, “this phrase does NOT mean to allow your country to be infiltrated by strangers, it means to allow others to pass through without killing them; to be decent to them, but NOT to allow them to stay and overwhelm your nation.” “Even Obama used this misunderstood logic when he tried to justify the huge influx of illegal Mexicans crossing the border.”

The Rabbi’s are defiant in their intentions while Urbach states he would welcome a debate with any one of them. “I’m sick and tired of our great nation going down the drain. Not allowing them in is NOT oppressing them. We have 50 million Americans living in poverty, 48 million of food stamps, over 19 trillion in debt, 50, 000 homeless Vets, 17 million unemployed, 85 million out of the labor work force and Obama wants to bring in more? He is out of his mind. He is insane!!!”

Interesting to note that in the 1930’s these same type of Reform Rabbi’s were against bringing in Jews from Europe. My oh my have times have changed. Thank you for reading Marc

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