San Bernardino Massacre, my Press Release:

San Bernardino, California Massacre, My Press Release

War on Christmas, Muslims shoot up Christmas party, Christian persecution in our own backyard

Was the recent shooting in San Bernardino an example of Christian persecution? Yes, says author and educator Marc Urbach Urbach, himself an Orthodox Jew, who is a vocal supporter of Christianity and is deeply aware of the dire threat posed by radical Islam, not just to Christians around the world, but to those here at home as well.

Some see this as Christian persecution. Yet Muslims specifically targeting Christians hasn’t been a concern for Christians and non-Christians alike. President Obama, a self-identified Christian hasn’t mentioned it. The response from Christian leaders and pastors hasn’t been much better.

The lack of response from self-professed “Christian” Barack Obama and other Christian leaders regarding the slaughter of their brothers and sisters in Christ hasn’t gone unnoticed by Marc Alan Urbach, author of “Believe: Do We Need a Third Great Awakening?”.

Urbach says, “As an Orthodox Jew, I can say unequivocally, that the San Bernardino massacre was an attack on Christian America, period. It was a direct attack on Americans who have Jesus Christ in their hearts and souls.”

Citing his disappointment with President Obama, Urbach says, ‘How many more people will be murdered until we have a president who will acknowledge WHY they were killed? When three Muslims were killed this past year Obama said, ‘No one should be targeted for their faith.’ With 14 people murdered at a Christmas party, Obama says, ‘we need more common sense rules” on guns.

“And where are the Christian leaders vociferously condemning violent attacks on Christians?”

The silence among Christians makes Urbach’s righteous indignation that much stronger.

Urbach goes further saying, “Why are there school shootings? Why do people murder? Why do people steal? Why do people rape? It’s because they do not believe in God. They do not believe in the Ten Commandments because many were not taught the Ten Commandments. They do not believe there is a God above them that watches their every move. They don’t have the fear or love of God so nothing is holding them back. ‘Guns’ are the easy but wrong answer to explain why people murder. People murder because of what’s in the person’s heart and mind- and their hearts and minds are completely corrupted.”

As our Righteous Christian Founding Father said, “The Bible is the best of all books for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read and regulate you life by it’s precepts.” John Jay, First Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court. “My Christian Brothers and Sisters were murdered because of their love for Jesus Christ and to celebrate a Christmas party.”

“These pure evil Muslims murdered my RIGHTEOUS Christian brothers and sisters.I am furious, Christian America is continually being attacked.”

“My Christian Brothers and Sisters of America, put Jesus Christ in your hearts and rise up and restore our nation to RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!”


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