United States History off the cuff:

Off the cuff and a spin, U.S. HISTORY: I think you’ll like this.

First came G-d. God  ( fast forward )

Then came our Righteous Christian farmers and citizens who defeated the greatest military at the time and established our nation.

Then came our Righteous Christian Founding Fathers who created the greatest republic in the history of the world.

Then came all of our inventors, capitalists, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and nurses who changed the world for the better.

Then came Texans who fought against Mexico for their independence.

Then came the Civil War that split our nation in two. What if Robert E. Lee had fought for the North??

Then came the “splendid” little Spanish American War.

Then came the Dough Boys and the Harlem Hell Fighters who kicked ass in Europe and helped us and our allies win WWI.

Then came the Roaring 1920’s with the flappers, but the 1930’s Great Depression was a nightmare for the nation.

Then came FDR with his “New Deal” and his “alphabet soup” of agencies. Or as a friend from Atlanta says, “my grandfather called FDR the Communist from Warm Springs” Only in a Great Depression could Social Security get passed. The government taking your property and then deciding when you get it back?? Goes against a “limited government”—ya think??

Then came December 7th, 1941. ( boy, I hope all students know about this date )

Then came Dorie Miller who manned a huge machine gun and shot down a few Japanese planes. He was awarded the Navy Cross. Unfortunately he died at sea during the war.

Then came Jimmy Doolittle and his men who kicked ass by attacking mainland Japan.

Then came the might of the United States Army, Navy and Marines and Tuskegee Airman who kicked some major ass and won WWII on opposite sides of the world. Also the might of the American workers in the war factories, plus Rosie the Riveter.

Admiral Yamamoto was exactly correct, “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping tiger and fill him with a terrible resolve.”  Damn right!

Of course never forget what our boys and the 101st Airborne did on June 7th 1944. ( onto Berlin )

Then the world found out what happened to 6 Million of my fellow Jews in Europe, plus about 4 Million other people’s; Poles, Roma Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals.

Then came the Communists after 1939 when Hitler came into power. They sailed to America. FDR was so nice to them he told them to go to the State Department, get new identities, Social Security Cards and into the higher levels of learning (institutions) where you can slowly but surely indoctrinate students. Their descendants like the peaceful, very patriotic unrepentant, terrorist, Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernadeen Dorne and it’s okay to bomb America Ward Churchill actually taught in our Universities. How?? Mindboggling. I’m sure there are tons more professors out there still preaching this Communist crap.

Then came Levitt who built the fastest, cheapest, best built suburbs in the history of the world, you know Levittown, formerly potato fields.

Then our Patriots fought the Communist to protect our ally and great friend today, South Korea.

Then came Dwight D. Eisenhower who helped create our interstate highway system.

Then came Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who created a peaceful revolution, had a “Dream”, greatly helped pass national laws and greatly shaped American society for the better. But the peaceful Sharpton and Jackson are reversing this “Dream” not to mention the even more peaceful Farrakhan.

Then they came for young men to send them across the world to fight in a war, called Vietnam.

Then came President John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy who shaped our nation, but were assassinated.

Then came LBJ who greatly escalated the Vietnam War. Lady Bird had about a 40 percent stake in Mattel.

“Operation Popeye”: research this for yourself on Wikipedia and you’ll be amazed. I know the General’s name who was in charge of this “classified operation” How? I’m Jewish and I’ve made some good connections this past year; tons of elbow grease.

Then came Nixon, went to China for some very good dialogue, but was obsessed with his opponents and got caught. 18 ½ minutes is NOTHING compared with the incredibly honest, full of integrity Hillary Clinton who destroyed who knows how many emails. Isn’t she “special”  I’d tear her apart in 10 minutes.

Then they came for babies after Roe v. Wade. NO big deal, only about 50 Million since 1972. Murdered, I mean aborted, NO I mean murdered.

Then our boys defeated the Soviets on the ice to win the “miracle”

Then the music industry brainwashed white kids with heavy-metal music in the 1980’s.

Then they brainwashed young poor blacks with brainwashing rap, gansta rap, hip-hop music in the 1990’s.

Then they completely brainwashed whole masses of people since 1990 with a pathetic government run educational system. ( I know, I taught for eleven years )

Then came the first Gulf War. It was not fought to find WMD’s. The real reason it was fought was because_____________________________________________

Then came September 11, 2001 which struck at the heart of America and changed my, our outlook forever.  (my first year of teaching )

Then came the war in Afghanistan.

Then the war in Iraq—because Saddam Hussein had so much to do with 9/11. (student’s that’s sarcasm if you’re not sure )

Then they slowly, but surely brainwashed masses of people with Ipods, Ipads and bigger and bigger televisions.

Then came the 2008 great recession and the honest bankers, ooops I mean people on Wall Street that created the mess. NONE were prosecuted.

Then they came after Christian business owners. Bakeries, pizza shop owners, athletes, students in the classrooms, Christian Chaplains in the military and now the high school football coach who is NOT allowed to take a knee after the game and pray. This is insane!! Pure Madness!!

Then President Barack Hussein Obama came in 2009 and “fundamentally transform” America by signing into law unconstitutional laws such as, the NDAA, ACA, illegal Executive Orders and the worst of all changing the ROE’s in 2009 which led to about a 450 percent increase in KIA’s and a 370 percent increase in wounded soldiers—No big deal, only blown off arms, legs and massive brain damage.

Then they came for babies in the womb by cutting them up and selling their parts. Don’t worry, nothing to see here.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not allow or provide sufficient protection to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens, which also resulted in the deaths of Tyrone Woods, Glen Dougherty and Sean Smith. Of course it was the video’s fault. Hillary to Sean Woods father as she shook his hand at Andrews A.F.B., “we’re going to arrest the man who made the video.”  Hillary my darling, if I were President, you would already be in jail next to your very honest comrades, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett—you’re damn right there is going to be “payback” and we might as well throw Bill in there for you. “Nuclear” North Korea loves Bill.

Then came the incredibly honest and full of integrity Susan Rice who went on television networks with the truth or complete bullshit shall I say.

Then came the crony appointment, I mean friend of Obama, Arne Duncan who implemented Common Core which is simply the worst plan of education in the history of education. Thank you Bill and Melinda Gates, the Pearson Monopoly, President Obama, Arne and a host of other extremely wealthy morons who don’t have a clue what it’s like to teach in the classroom for eleven years.

Then came a good man, former Ambassador to Iraq James Jefferies who in 2014 warned Obama about ISIS pouring into Iraq. But Obama knew better. He just sat on his ass for 7 ½ months in the Oval Office and playing golf as the super friendly “JV” team of ISIS, ooops, I mean ISIL, “people” massacred innocent Muslims, Yazidi’s and our Righteous Assyrian Christian brothers and sisters by cutting off their heads, arms and legs and enslaving Christian women and young girls. But don’t worry Obama said “we will destroy ISIL”  Isn’t he just the most honest man to live in the White House???  He’s a disgrace to the Republic!

Then we’ve got all this anarchy in some of our cities, peaceful “Black Lives Matter” people chanting terrible slogans against “cops” and too many people in this country think that it’s not that bad, it’s NIMBY.

Well at least I’ve become the best Jew that I can become the last 11 years and have developed the greatest Jewish and Christian friends the past year. I do stay positive though and know for sure the pendulum is going to swing in the other direction. G-d did NOT create this world for evil to win.

Thank G-d we’ve got tons of loyal, loving, Patriotic Christians and some Patriotic Jews who are drawing a line in the sand and will not take this crap any longer.

Maybe it’s better Obama won a second term, the victory will be sweeter. He already knows how bad of a President he really is.

All my Love and affection,

Marc Alan Urbach

When the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rule the people groan. NO MORE, RIGHTEOUS AMERICANS RISE UP AND RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC!!!!

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