BIO: Information

Marc Alan Urbach

5366 Seaton Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30338


Facebook, at Marc Alan Urbach


  • Marc Alan Urbach is an Orthodox Jew. His team consists of righteous Christian and Jewish Patriots. Many are Veterans.
  • Constitutional Scholar: (self-taught, thank God)
  • Supreme Court expert, pertaining to how the Court has unconstitutionally removed our religious freedoms from the schools and thus society
  • Journalist: I write all of my Press Releases
  • Public Speaker: Lanier Tea Party Patriots, Forsyth County Tea Party, Georgia Tea Party, John Birch Society, United Tea Party of Georgia, Habersham County Tea Party.
  • Author: Heal Our Nation, Save Our World, 2010 and BELIEVE, Do We Need a Third Great Awakening, 2015
  • Historian: Expert, with an emphasis on the Founding Father era
  • Teacher: Gwinnett County Schools. U.S. history, world history and Civics
  • Radio talk show guest on a variety of talk shows
  • 1992-1999-Business Owner, Photography


  • 2000, Georgia State University, Masters of Education
  • 1988-1989, University of Florida, B.S. Communications, College of Journalism
  • 1986-1987, Sante Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida
  • 1985, Trinity Preparatory High School, Winter Park, Florida









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