Trump’s choice of Pence is a betrayal of his Supporters. week of 7/18/16

Trump’s choice of Pence is a betrayal of his supporters.

When Trump unveiled his choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence for Vice President, many conservatives, including some Trump supporters, were disappointed. In a Facebook post, Ann Coulter called Pence a “combo-platter of disaster,” and accused him of selling out to left wing activists. Conservative pundit Erick Erickson called Pence the “James Comey of Vice Presidential picks.”

Presidential candidate Marc Alan Urbach agrees. Urbach, who taught for eleven years in the public schools said, “Pence is a seasoned tool of the Common Core cartel.”

Urbach is a Constitutional and Supreme Court scholar, a journalist, author and public speaker to the Tea Party and The John Birch Society. “Indiana rebranded Common Core in 2014, yet is still doing Common Core,” says Urbach.

Christian educator Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao says, “We are fully aware of his schemes. If he has sold out the children, he will not hesitate to sell out America. Hillary is much worse.”

Mike Pence endorsed the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. In a glowing twitter post Pence said, “The time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of the Trans Pacific Partnership.” “Clearly this man never read the document, nor does he have any idea how it will negatively affect America,” says Urbach. I’ve spoken with the experts and the TPP is absolutely terrible for American workers. It sets up our companies to international tribunals. Pence also backed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and NAFTA, which Trump wants to repeal.

“Originally, Pence signed a strong version of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, with strong language protecting the rights of conscience and religious expression, even for business owners and service providers,” says Urbach. Under pressure from the Chamber of Commerce, Pence caved and signed a much weaker bill with fewer religious protections. “I don’t pander to anyone. I never waver and I always stand on my principles,” said Urbach.

In his early days, Pence was a Conservative Congressman, but as Governor he has evolved. He favored illegals coming back into America. “The man clearly does not favor protecting Americans.”

Referring to Trump’s comments about banning all Muslims, Pence said, Trump’s ban on Muslims was “unconstitutional” and “offensive.” Presidential candidate, Marc Alan Urbach says, “Pence has no business being V.P. He does not know federal law, or the Constitution.” “As President I will enforce the Constitution and use my Presidential discretion to ban any aliens who are hostile to our Constitutional form of government.”

According to Joy Pullman in her article, “Four Statist Policies Governor Mike Pence Champions.” “Pence’s other big push this legislative session—wait for it—was sending other people’s money to politically favored groups for an utterly useless, family-displacing entitlement called government preschool. This happens to also be the policy priority for the Clinton Foundation…Mike Pence is the guy who wants to take kids from their moms and force tax dollars from other people’s pockets to hire a non-family member to read to those same kids. Enough said.”

Presidential Candidate Marc Alan Urbach says, “Pence has no business sponsoring educational legislation. The man has not taught in the classroom as I have.”

“I loved my eleven years teaching students the greatness of America.”

America, help is on the way. Marc Alan Urbach is a TRUE God fearing, Constitutional Patriot! He is the right man at the right time to lead this nation to righteousness. His campaign slogan is, “Return our Nation to Righteousness.”

You can see Marc’s work at,

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