How YOU can force the Atlanta media to interview me and enforce the “rule of Law” in DeKalb County. Ex. The “Grand Jury.” To hold ALL government officials accountable to YOU. Ex. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The past 15 months I have been on small market AM, FM and Internet radio talk shows through my agent, Andre Traversa of Epic Quest Media. The biggest names in talk radio, Michael Medwed, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Mike Gallagher, Herman Cain, Rusty Humphries will not bring me in. They’re “producers” or “editors” will NOT pass on MY Press Releases that I write to the host of their show. My agent has personally talked to some of these “producers.” Only YOU the citizens of this great nation can change that. This is very important information.

This is VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand:

  1. FOX 5 Television has ALL documents and information, but will NOT interview me. You can call the newsroom at 404-898-0100. Ask for producer, Cal Calloway or reporter Denise Dillon. Denise’s number is 404-545-6753. I have talked with both several times. Cal’s email is  The packet of information was handed to Denise on Friday, July 29th in the parking lot of FOX television.
  1. CBS 46 Television has ALL documents and information, but will NOT interview me. You can call Collin at 404-325-4646. His email is Even better is to call Kendra, at, the same number, I’ve talked with her several times and emailed her, at,  She was very nice to speak with.
  1. WSB 750AM Radio has ALL documents and information, but will NOT interview me. You can call the newsroom at, 404-897-7333. Ask to speak with Chris Camp, The News Director. He’s had the packet of information for 3 weeks. I spoke with him on Monday, 8/1/16. Chris said, “I’ll take a look at it.” The second time I talked to him, he said, “I need three more days.” YEAH RIGHT??   His email is

Herman Cain received the packet of ALL documents and information on Tuesday 8/2/16, via the mailroom. Herman says on his show, “We must elect the right leader for President.” I like Herman and believe he speaks more truth than any else in talk radio, BUT I know from a candidate with whom I speak with all the time, when she ran against Senator Johnny Isakson, that Herman NEVER acknowledged her. I don’t know if Herman will acknowledge me, I highly doubt it. You can call into his show at 404-872-0750. We’ll find out if Herman stays true to his word or not. (He will be told what to do by his superiors, but HE might use his own mind, character and judgment and refute them)

  1. News Radio 106.7 FM knows ALL about me, but will NOT bring me on their show. They have spoken with my agent Andre Traversa. I have spoken with and emailed Jackie Howard all information. She is very nice. You can email her at You can call her at 404-843-6000. I’ve also emailed and called the most powerful editor there, Greg Tantum. He NEVER acknowledged me. You can reach him at You can call him at 404-843-6000.
  1. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein said in an email to me that, “I can sit down with you after the conventions.” He has NOT returned any of my phone calls or emails. His number is 404-526-5481. His email is gbluestein@ajc.omI have left voice messages with powerful editors. They NEVER returned my phone calls. Todd Duncan, 404-526-2143. And Richard Halix, 404-526-5635.
  1. The Gwinnett Daily Post knows ALL about me, but will NOT interview me. I’ve spoken with Curt Yeomans. You can reach him at 770-963-9205, ext. 1321 You can email Curt at

I’ve also spoken with Keith Farmer, the Education Reporter. I spoke with him for 25 minutes and explained how I did “a great and wonderful thing for the U.S. history department and the Assistant Principal forced me to resign.” He said he would NOT write a story about this in the paper. You can reach Keith at 770-963-9205, ext 1324.

I’ve left messages for Todd Cline, the Editor (most powerful) and he has NOT returned any of my calls. You can reach Todd at 770-963-9205, ext. 1300 You can email him at   On Monday, August 22nd, 2016 I personally dropped of the “packet” of information to their office. I talked with “Susan,” front desk, Secretary, and she said, “I’ll make sure they get it.”  In my professional opinion, “they” did get it, BUT IN NO WAY WILL PRINT OR INTERVIEW ME, without YOU forcing them to.

Basically folks, you get the message. The Atlanta Main Stream Media is completely “blocking” me! These “producers” and “editors”, intelligent, in positions of enormous power are acting with great ignorance to you the listening public. They are withholding valuable information that could greatly change this election in seconds.

ONLY YOU,  the citizens of this great Republic can get me on their shows and get me interviewed by the newspapers. YOU can email them and speak your mind. YOU can call them and tell them how you feel. YOU are a citizen and board member of the corporation of America. YOU are part of the “consent of the governed.” We control the government if we choose to, not the government controlling us. Today, they are the masters over us. Hopefully with YOUR help, we can return this nation to a constitutional republic.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for reading and I hope you do the right thing.

This is in NO WAY about me, this is about YOU, your families, YOUR JOB, YOUR money, and our proud nation. If I win, we all win, our republic wins. YOU, my friends of America, the greatest citizens in the history of the world will be written in the history books. I guarantee it! I’ll personally write you in! Period. Amen.

May God Bless you, your family and all your friends and may He continue to Bless the Republic of the United States of America. Amen

Marc Alan Urbach



Facebook: Marc Alan Urbach

PS: I am only one of two people in America that has filed a legal document with their Secretary of State. Mr. Brian P. Kemp of Georgia has the documents. By law he has a non-discretionary duty to make certain that Hillary Rodham Clinton is legally certified to be on the ballot. Me and Judge Nally will insist he uphold his “oath” to all citizens of Georgia and America.

I am the only citizen in the history of America to file a letter with the “Grand Jury” to use the “Grand Jury” to bring forth all evidence and subpoena more evidence to prosecute Presidential Hillary Rodham Clinton for alleged crimes. (My document with Mr. Brian P. Kemp proves H. Clinton LIED.)

Two very powerful members of Congress have ALL information.

YOU can see ALL information on my blog.

Thank you and God bless,


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