DeKalb County man seeks presidential office

DeKalb County man seeks presidential office

By Horace Holloman, 8/25/16

A DeKalb County man has decided to throw his hat in the ring for president of the United States of America.

Marc Alan Urbach completed the necessary paperwork to be considered as a write-in candidate for presidential office during the upcoming election.

Urbach, who said he voted Republican in previous years, said he could no longer sit back and do nothing.

“If (Hillary Clinton) and (Donald Trump) are running and this is all we have to vote on, why don’t I give it a shot.” Urbach said.

Urbach, who has a background in education, said he began doing speaking engagements for Tea Party groups about two years ago. Urbach spoke to groups such as the Lanier Tea Party Patriots, Forsyth County Tea Party, the John Birch Society, United Tea Party of Georgia, Habersham County Tea Party, and Tea Party of Gilmer County.

In the past two years, Urbach said, people have urged him to run for senator. However, Urbach said numbers support making an impact as a third party candidate.

“I’ve talked with so many people the past two years and they are so upset with both parties. Both parties have greatly failed them.” Urbach said. “I read a poll that said 58 percent of people are looking for a third party candidate. I feel the same way. I’m upset too.”

Urbach said he was inspired by the nation’s Founding Fathers in his presidential campaign and plans to encourage citizens to restore religious freedoms into the schools.

As president, Urbach said he will repeal Obamacare, create a simple flat tax or fair tax system and suspend 90 percent of immigration.

“I believe in the Constitution; I believe all Americans can achieve great things and I believe in my oath to this country. We have approximately 85 million out of the labor work force and 48 million on food stamps. I just can’t see bringing in x number of immigrants,” Urbach said. “We have to protect our people our people and protect our country. I will do everything in my power to deport all criminal illegal aliens.”

The biggest hurdle for Urbach has been getting all the attention of media outlets, he said. Regardless, Urbach said he still wants to run and if elected he wants to restore the country to its founding principles.

In a statement on his website, “In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, ‘we are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.’ Republicans drop your R and put an A, Democrats, drop your D and put an A, Independents, drop your I, and put an A. All Americans put an A in front of your name, we are Americans.”

In my professional opinion, the BEST written article I have ever read, NOT because it has to do with me, BUT BECAUSE of the STUNNING ACCURACY WITH IT. Horace Holloman is a TRUE Journalist. I very much enjoyed reading the article with him in a private meeting.

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