Personal: I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but only lived there for two years. Then my family and I moved to the Fort Rucker Army Base in Alabama, and we lived there for two more years. Then we moved to Orlando, Florida where I was raised. I graduated high school in 1985. I owned a youth sports photography business for eight years in Austin, Texas. Then I moved to Atlanta in 2000 to pursue a teaching career. I taught in Gwinnett County schools from 2001-2012. The past three years I have put in enormous amounts of elbow grease. I have greatly studied and comprehended the Constitution, our Founding Father philosophies, and President George Washington’s Farewell Address. I spent about two years researching how the SCOTUS has unconstitutionally removed our religious freedoms from the schools and thus society. (This is my number one speaking presentation) I also speak about the accurate history of the Republican and Democratic Parties, religious philosophies and much more.


  • Marc Alan Urbach is a Modern Orthodox Jew. His team consists of Righteous Christian and Jewish Patriots. Many are Veterans.
  • Constitutional Scholar: (self-taught, thank God)
  • Supreme Court expert, pertaining to how the Court has unconstitutionally removed our religious freedoms from the schools and thus society.
  • Journalist: I work with We The Kids. A wonderful educational organization
  • Public Speaker: Lanier Tea Party Patriots, Forsyth County Tea Party, GA Tea Party, The John Birch Society, United Tea Party of GA, Habersham County Tea Party, Tea Party of Gilmer County and the Tea Party of NE Georgia.
  • Author: Heal Our Nation, Save Our World, 2010 and BELIEVE, Do We Need a Third Great Awakening, 2015
  • Historian: Expert, with an emphasis on the Founding Father era
  • Teacher: Gwinnett County Schools. U.S. history, world history and Civics
  • Radio talk show guest on a variety of talk shows
  • 1992-1999-Business Owner, Photography


  • 2002, Georgia State University, Masters of Education
  • 1988-1989, University of Florida, B.S. Communications, College of Journalism
  • 1986-1987, Sante Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida
  • 1985, Trinity Preparatory High School, Winter Park, Florida

Author of two books;

Believe: Do We Need a Third Great Awakening?,  and

Heal Our Nation, Save Our World.

I have appeared on national radio talk shows with the following: The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Show, “People of Distinction” with Al Cole, The Josh Tolley Show, The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Show, The Charles Butler Show, the Scott Adams Show, The Rob Schilling Show, The Steve Curtis Show, The Rachel Hammers Show and the Melody Burns Show.

Marc Alan Urbach
5366 Seaton Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
Facebook, at Marc Alan Urbach


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