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George Carlin – Social Classes

Barney Miller-Tri Lateral Commission

Archie Bunker-Gun Control

America is a republic, not a Democracy-video

U.S. Marines-Great video

Reagan and Obama-Animated, very funny

U.S. Airforce Band–awesome

Former Muslim destroys Obama–Calm, Cool & Collective

Rand Paul correct–great criticism

Cartoons, some are real photos

Nixon, Clinton-Impeachment Not Obama–Real Photos

Nixon-18 minutes; Clinton-30,000 emails–Hypocrisy

Obama, guns–save one life & Planned Parenthood–so true

Clinton-N.Korea, Obama-Iran Nuke–statements

Obama & Benjamin Franklin–quite a different philosophy

Obama-Spin the Wheel–Terror Attack

Loretta Lynch-Stole Free Speech

Obama, take that–ISIS

Obama, Blame the Guns

Omaha Beach boys vs. College students–today

No money for old people, but for Muslims–how ironic!

No drug tests for welfare, but test for the–earners

Obama and ISIS–Global warning alert

Liberals bitch about water boarding, but Christians–drowned

Arab countries not taking in refugees–cartoon

Uncle Sam & Obama–you’re a racist

Fishing without a license-fined; illegal immigrants–NOT

Obama-don’t blame Muslims, but Police–officers

Terrorist attacks on France vs. U.S.–hypocrisy

Liberals want background checks, but not for Syrians–how ironic

Oregon Standoff vs. Blocking a HWY–who’s more dangerous

Churchill and Netanyahu–

Bernie Sanders–free stuff

Hamas, Kerry & Netanyahu–cartoon

Founding Fathers vs. College kids–Founding Fathers vs. college kids

Washington Free Beacon Wrong about Trump–wrong about Trump

How wrong CNN was with Trump–https://www.facebook.com/DailyCaller/videos/10153943492616770/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

Pundits wrong about Trump, CNN CNN wrong about Trump